Gridlock in Washington has kept Congress from passing a new budget agreement and it's costing members their approval ratings. New new survey from Public Policy Poling finds Congress less popular than hemorrhoids but more popular than Honey Boo-Boo. What else are members of Congress less popular than?

The survey determined the approval ratings of several dubious things and you may--or may not--be surprised at the results.

Less Popular Than:

Congress (31%) vs Hemorrhoids (53%)

Congress (40%) vs dog poop (47%)

Congress (41%) vs toenail fungus (44%)

Congress (42%) vs cockroaches (44%)

More Popular Than:

Congress (37%) vs twerking (33%)

Congress (43%) vs zombies (37%)

Congress (46%) vs Miley Cyrus (31%)

Congress (42%) vs Honey Boo Boo (33)

(Public Policy Polling)

There are even more embarrassing comparisons but since we don't want to pile on we'll just stop here.


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