Cole Swindell has shared the title track off of his upcoming release, All of Itwhich is slotted for release on August 17. Following breakup songs such as "Love You Too Late" and "Somebody's Been Drinkin'," the newest release focuses instead on a relationship in full swing.

"All of It" is a swoon-worthy song that encompasses the addictive qualities of love. In the endearing song, Swindell sings about wanting his girl to give him her everything; Press play above to hear the entire sweet song.

"Give me that 'Lets get out of here go jump in the river' / Girl show me what that rockin' body looks like in the firelight / Wrap me up with all that love you been holding back your whole life," he sings. "Girl I wish you would just hit me with that / Pretty little get me through tomorrow smile / Bring on all the good with all the bad I'm all about it / Anything and everything baby you could never bring enough of it / I want all of it."

All of It, Swindell says, is a song that he went back and recorded after he thought the album was finished. "I just happened to hear this song. I told my team, 'I have to have this song! What are we gonna do?'" he says. "We went back in and recorded it, and here it is, the album title."

As an album title, All of It also holds significance in terms of the kind of project that Swindell walked into the studio wanting to make: "I think it fit because, when you're making an album, you wanna have a little bit of all of it," he says.

"I think, on this album, there are going to be more songs like "Break Up in the End," that are gonna tug on people's heartstrings, because that's where I'm at in my career. But, I still have the fun stuff. I can't abandon that, because that's what got me here, and that's what fans saw from me first," Swindell adds. "I think it's a great mixture of fun, sad, happy -- all of it."

Fans can pre-order All of It as a whole now. More information about Swindell can be found on his official website.

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