Snow lovers will rejoice, while those who are not may shed a a tear. The Old Farmer's Almanac is forecasting a colder and snowier winter this coming season.

The Almanac boasts of an 80% accuracy rate on their long range forecasts [insert your own weather forecasting joke here]. And if there on the money on this one, November will be really ugly.  March and May not be much better.

Snowier-than-normal conditions are expected for the upcoming Winter season and the worst snow is expected January 20-23, February 4-7 & 16-19, and March 1-3 & 20-23.

In addition to the extra snow predicted, so are below normal temps for November.

Let's just hope we don't have a repeat of Stella that brought 36 to 42 inches of snow in less than 24 hours to most parts of central New York.


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