Dylan Bender may only be 13 years-old but he spent his Christmas vacation helping others. Instead of playing video games or watching television, the central New York teen helped shovel for his neighbors; an act of kindness not unusual for Bender.

Melanie McCanney, who lives in a small park in Sylvan Beach says Dylan would "literally would help anyone who needed it, usually without asking." A few neighbors in the park have disabilities and McCanney says "when it snows Dylan is there to shovel. When there's leaves that need to be dragged to the curb, or raked, there's Dylan. Lawns that need to be mowed, Dylan is there."

"He's always completely surprised when money is offered," says McCanney who nominated Dylan for his random acts of kindness. "He's a very deserving kid. If he wins the McDonald's gift card, he'll probably ask his brothers and sisters if they want something first."

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