Looking to enjoy the taste of pumpkin in beer form? Lucky for us, here in New York,  there are plenty of amazing options.

1) Saranac Pumpkin

From the F.M Matt Brewing Company here in Utica, this pumpkin beer is made with the same spice mix/ratio that the brewmaster's wife uses in her pumpkin pie, plus plenty of real pumpkin.


2) Southern Tier Pumking

Looking for a pumpkin beer that packs one of the most intesnt pumpkin flavors you'll taste? Go with Southern Tier. It's 8.6 percent alcohol and widely available in bottles and on tap.


3) Southern Tier Warlock

If you like your beer dark and rich, this one is for you. New York Upstate reports that this beer is part of Southern Tier's Blackwater Series of strong and dark beers.


4) Good Nature Pumpkin Brown Ale

This beer comes from Hamilton and uses its famous Brown Ale as the base for this pumpkin beer. The beer even uses pie pumpkins from Mosher Farms near Bouckville.


5) Empire Roasted Pumpkin Ale

You will find this beer in Syracuse's Armory Square. They source the pumpkins for this beer from Tim's Pumpkin Patch in Marietta. The beer has a light spice mix and is 6.8 percent alcohol.




(Post inspired by New York Upstate)

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