For many Central New York students, a school meal may be one of the only meals they eat that day. With these important funds being cut, who will help feed our kids?

Local Central New Yorker Bryan Brockway loves helping out students throughout the entire area. He's been doing it for years. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help raise funds for free lunch programs for many students.

Bryan found out that many kids have an over due balance on their lunch account and can no longer eat at school. Bryan is asking if we can all come together to help donate a little so they can enjoy the rest of their school year. The GoFundMe goal has been set at $3,000. At the time of this reporting, over $600 has been donated. Bryan has a list of Schools from Holland Patient, Westmoreland, Rome and Utica City Schools. The payment will go directly to the lunch program.



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