Free WiFi For Students and Teachers
In this day and age of virtual learning, a company is offering a free internet program for students and teachers who can't afford it. There are some stipulations but if you need free Wi-Fi you may qualify.
Bradley Elementary Orchestra Takes Top Honor at Darien Lake
Students from Bradley Elementary in New Hartford traveled to Darien Lake over the weekend to compete in the annual music festival. In addition to riding some crazy coasters the students in the chorus, band, and string orchestra performed for the top prize. The orchestra took first place, while the b…
Fourth Graders Plot To Poison Their Teacher
Everyone remembers that one teacher in school that nobody liked. Maybe it was because she smelled funny or maybe he yelled too much. Whatever it was, that one teacher had the reputation of nobody wanting to be in their class. What one fourth grade class in Western New York tried to do to the teacher…

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