Our latest cold case involves the unsolved disappearance and murder of Wanda Lee Walkowicz. 44 years later and police are still investigating.

In 1973, 11-year-old Wanda Lee Walkowicz was sent to the corner grocery store near her home in Rochester by her Mother and was never seen alive again.

New York State Police
New York State Police

Here's the story:

Wanda Lee did make it to the grocery store, bought several items and was even seen walking home afterwards, but she never made it home.

The very next day, State police found Wanda Lee's body near the Town of Webster NY, at a rest stop off of State Route 104.

After an autopsy it was discovered that Wanda Lee had been sexually assaulted and then strangled with a 'ligature' such as wire or rope.

Over the last 44 years, State Police have followed a number of leads and conducted interviews to try to further the investigation, but the case remains unsolved with no arrests made.

State Police ask anyone with information on this case to contact Troop E Headquarters at 585-398-4100.



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