Looking for a great Secret Santa gift for under $20 this Christmas? Why not shop for one right here in Central New York. Here are 5 great ideas to choose from for the 2016 season.

1) Give The Gift Of Halfmoons

Who doesn't love halfmoons? Who doesn't love halfmoons when they are from Holland Farms? You can pick up a delicious dozen for only $17.40.


2) 2 Plates Of Georgio's Greens

Georgio's in New Hartford is known worldwide for their greens. The greens are made with fresh chopped escarole, hot cherry peppers, fresh prosciutto, grated cheese and a mix of oregano, bread crumbs and cheese. Food Network star Guy Fieri is even a fan! Two plates will cost you under $20.


3) 1 Jar Of Original Turkey Joints

When you think Turkey Joints you think Nora's in Rome right? Who doesn't love silvery sugar coating with a center filled with rich chocolate and brazilnuts? You can even ship jars too! You can pick a variety of options, but the original will cost you $20, or less if you find them at Price Chopper or Hannaford.


4) Schultz & Dooley Christmas Ornament

Who doesn't love Utica Club's classic mascot? Schultz and Dooley are available as a Christmas ornament for your tree! You can buy these for under $13. Decorate your tree with Utica's favorite mascots.


5) 1 Large Tomato Pie

When you think tomato pie you probably think Napoli's right? You can buy that special person a large tomato pie for only $14! Give the gift of Utica and Rome's favorite snack.




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