As we prepare for another round of heavy snow, the Clark Mills Fire Department reminds residents to take these two important safety precautions around their home.

We all now the importance of keeping sidewalks near your home cleared of snow and ice for the safety of neighbors. But forgetting to clear these two areas could prove deadly for everyone in your home.

1. Clearing snow from around the fire hydrant.

Every second counts when the department is responding to a fire. If they have to clear snow before running hose lines and making connections to the hydrant, the blaze could be out of control by the time firefighters get water flowing. The suggestion is to clear a perimeter of three feet around the hydrant to allow firefighters room to make connections. You should also clear a path from the hydrant to the street.

Fire Hydrant Clearance for Heavy Snow
Clark Mills Fire Department

2. Clearing exhaust vents.

The silent killer, carbon monoxide can fill your home if the vents are unable to release the deadly gas outside of your home. Make sure furnace, water heater, and other vented appliances are cleared.

Clear Exhaust Event for Heavy Snow
Clark Mills FD
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