identity theft

Hack Affects 143 Million - Are You One?
A company responsible for keeping your personal information safe has been hacked. Equifax announced the cybersecurity breach that affects 143 million people. Are you one of them?
Clean Out Your Wallet Carefully
We all clean out our wallets now and then. In fact, every time I fill up my car with gas that cleans out my wallet! Seriously, we all carry way too much stuff in our wallets (I've found doctor appointment cards for 2007 in mine), and often we carry items that we shouldn't. With identity th…
Passwords, Codes, User Names – What’s Next, Retina Scans?
Is it me, or do we have to store too much trivial information in our heads these days? Just about every place you work, you need a user name and password to get into your company computer system, and then they notify you to change those passwords in 15 days or else you're out of the system! Jus…