Ask and you shall receive. Cincinnati Bengal Devon Still prayed for good news when it came to his daughter Leah, who has been battling cancer. Scans showed the disease was gone and although more results are coming in, doctors are optimistic.

Still shared the GREAT NEWS on Instagram.

Football fans and players have been supporting Still and Leah since the nightmare began.

After being cut from the Bengals before the regular season, he was hired on the practice squad so he could keep his insurance and a steady paycheck. It also allowed him more time to spend with his daughter during her treatments. A few weeks later he was promoted back to the team’s 53 player roster and his game jersey became one hot ticket with all the proceeds going to cancer research. In the first 24 hours Still's jersey was the fastest selling jersey in Bengals history. New Orleans Saints coach Sean Peyton even bought 100 himself.

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Leah’s fight and Still’s strength to carry her through it inspired others. From buying jerseys and can drives to charity walks and large donations. The support poured in, financially and emotionally. Ellen DeGeneres donated a large check along with the owner of the Indianapolis Colts.

God does answer prayers.

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