The divorce has come--so, which do you choose to walk away with, the money or your pet? According to a new PetMd survey, 90 percent of pet owners would pick their four-legged friends over a pocket full of cash.

Now, how about friendships? They always say a dog is a man's best friend. And, it seems 73 percent of those polled agree. 73 percent is the number of pet owners that said they would pick their furry friend over a human if they could only have one best friend.

What about your presidential candidate? Would you pick a president that didn't like pets? Well, 66 percent of those polled in the PetMD survey say they would 'reject' a candidate if they didn't like pets.

And, here's the best for last. This may sound like an odd question to most, but have you ever tasted your pet's food? It's not an odd question to 25 percent of people polled, who said they have tried their pet's food.

If you are in a divorce, PetMD offers some help on their website for couples who are splitting. Click here to read it.

I have to ask, has anyone tasted their pet's food?

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