Adopt a Black Cat for Friday the 13th
Obviously adopting a black cat because of its coat won't actually have any jurisdiction over your luck, but I think it's safe to say that adopting your new best friend counts as good luck!
Cat Responds to Person Playing Guitar
This is a really, really cute video. A person is playing a guitar, and the cat is responding after a cord or two. The cat is responding with a little squeak noise. I used to love when my cat made this noise. It's not a full meow, just a tiny, tiny squeak. My cat used to make this squeak sound when h…
How Impatient is Your Cat? [VIDEO]
So, how impatient is your cat? Here is a video of a cat that is really, really impatient. Well, you can't blame the cat; it is feeding time and the cat is probably really, really hungry. When it was time for my cat to eat, he would meow so loud and when you were about to put the bowl of food down on…

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