Upstate New York-based company Chobani is expanding its repertoire beyond just yogurt. The company is broadening its horizons to include the creamer and oat-based industries.

Chobani has had its sights set on expansion into the coffee creamer industry for a while.

"“It’s only 10 feet away from yogurt in the aisle,” Chobani President Peter McGuinness told

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He said the coffee creamer industry is saturated with a lot of products that are highly-sweetened. According to, the new, dairy-based Chobani creamers will have a fat content that's a little higher than half-and-half and contain only four ingredients: cream, milk, cane sugar and natural flavor.

"We think fresh cream is a better mate for your coffee," McGuinness told "It's only a matter of time before people realize they're drinking oil."

The Chobani coffee creamers will come in caramel, hazelnut, sweet cream and vanilla flavors.

The company has also been working for eight months on its oat-based products, which include a yogurt-like product and a drink. While these products are oat-based and not dairy-based, McGuinness told that Chobani in no way intends to promote them as a dairy alternative.

“We’re not promoting our oat [products] by denigrating dairy,” McGuinness told “We strongly believe in dairy.”

Chobani is also producing a new Greek yogurt with oats product, similar to overnight oats.

“The ambition is to be in many aisles of the supermarket,” McGuinness told “It’s an exciting moment for the company.”

According to Forbes, it sounds like the new oat-based products should available sometime this month, but there's no word on when exactly the creamers will be released. Despite when they debut, one thing's for sure: they sound delicious and healthy.

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