If you made it to Wild West FrogFest Rodeo in time to catch The Double M Rodeo, then you've seen quite the show. This ain't our first rodeo, and Double M really knew how to entertain a crowd.If you can name something you would expect to see at a rodeo, then Double M had it. Everything from cattle roping, barrel racing, and of course bull riding! And some of the riders will surprise you too. They had rodeo veterans and even kids as young as 10 years old riding, racing, and showing what they got.

Double M even got the crowd involved with a dance off. They took four member of the audience to see who could bust the best moves.

They made sure to entertain the crowd as much as possible and keep them laughing, cheering, and keeping the energy up for our FrogFest headliners.

Thank you to Jane Monica, our Dunkin Donut Paparazzi winner, who took photos throughout the day at FrogFest 28.


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