A Kubota Coversation turned into a Kubota test drive with Eric Paslay before he hit the FrogFest stage. "I would love to drive, except my legs are too long with three of us in here."

Before three became two so Paslay could drive, he shared the story behind his new song 'Angels in the Town' and it being used with ESPN for the upcoming NFL season. "Yeah. First verse is Hail Mary/touch down/you caught it/you don't know how/but you felt something lift you up a little bit higher. So we got a little football in there."

The song was inspired by a true story about a guy in Paslay's hometown of Texas. "He went up for a ball in a playoff game and no one really knows how he caught it. I believe some miracles can happen. I don't know why or why not. There are a lot of people in every town that create miracles and we're getting to go thank a lot of them with angel visits."

Paslay made an Angel visit in Utica when he teamed up with Habitat for Humanity. "I gave the house to the family but I felt bad because I hadn't worked on the house. I didn't even paint anything and I love doing that stuff."

Before ending our Kubota Conversation to take the FrogFest stage, Paslay took it for a drive around the Utica Rome Speedway. He says he's in the market for a vehicle since he and his wife just bought 40 acres. "I've honestly been looking online all week at these and tractors. This one is super fancy. Will they sponsor me to drive around 40 acres? Is there an artist discount for I use to be broke and now I'm not?"

We've been looking forward to Paslay's performance all week and he didn't disappoint.  He had the crowd on their feet, clapping and singing along like it was a 'Friday Night' rather than a Saturday afternoon. One lucky fan even got Paslay's sunglasses.

Paslay is not only a great performer and songwriter. He's an even better human being. He took time to talk with everyone he met and snap selfies with the fans. Those long arms make for great shots, especially when you have the entire Frog crew in one shot.

Eric Paslay FrogFest Photos

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