Being a new father means a lot of new challenges. For Charles Kelley, one of them is folding up a stroller. The artist posted a hilarious video on Instagram of himself and some well-intentioned friends trying to figure out how to collapse the frame of what looks like a stroller base.

“This is … this is … I don’t even see …” the singer stutters in the video, turning the contraption around every which way looking for some kind of lever or button to close up the stroller. A kind friend steps in and suggests the lever on the handle, but Kelley knows that can’t be it.

“This is just an extension …” he muses as they continue their quest. The video cuts off before they figure it out, but hopefully by putting all their heads together, the guys got it to work. Or better yet, just called Kelley’s wife, Cassie.

Kelley has only been a dad for a little over a month, but already he’s doing things he said he’d never do, like posting lots of photos of his baby on social media. He recently published a picture of his son, Ward Charles, next to a plush golf set he’d been given by the Ellen show, citing an exception because “this is funny."

He’s gearing up to be on the road starting in April with his brother Josh for The Driver Tour while his bandmates in Lady Antebellum are taking a break from traveling. All three members have little ones now, so the break is welcomed, even though they have made some adjustments to road life for the kids, including pre-show rituals. Kelley will be touring through May.

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