Charles Kelley is experiencing all the firsts of parenthood now that his baby boy has arrived, and he's finding himself doing the things he always swore he never do. Kelley says he never wanted to be the kind of dad that constantly shares photos of his son, but yet, here he is.

The solo singer posted a photo on Instagram of his son Ward Charles on March 8 holding his tiny plush golf bag, a gift from the Ellen show. The near one-month-old looks only mildly interested, but perhaps Kelley is hoping he’s got a future Bubba Watson on his hands.

Kelley celebrated the birth of his son on Feb. 11, proclaiming that Ward has wife Cassie’s nose and that he’s glad he skipped the 2016 Grammys, or he would have missed the big day. Kelley did recently visited St. Jude Children’s Hospital and said as a soon-to-be-dad (at the time), he saw the kids and the mission in a whole new light.

“I had a feeling it would make me kind of walk through the halls and see the kids in a different light knowing I’m having a little boy here in a month. And it does,” he said in January. “These parents are in such great spirits, but it made me sad for the parents a lot too, what that must be like to get that news and that helpless feeling."

The singer is about to go on tour this April with his brother Josh Kelley in support of The Driver, his solo record, which includes a song they wrote together. He says he can’t wait to get out there and have it be a family gig.

"It’s going to be great to get back out on the road now that we’ve got a full album of new songs to work with, and to have my brother out there with me is going to make it even cooler,” Kelley admits.

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