In an attempt to draw more interest in bowling, the "powers that be" are experimenting with the way the game is scored.  They hope the end result will be a spot in Olympics.  The new scoring system will be tested in this weekend's tournament.  Click for more details.The USA Today reports the experiment will occur this weekend at The World Bowling Tour Finals.

"We have had an image problem," said Kevin Dornberger, president of World Bowling, the sport's international governing body. "Not enough people understand the way the game is scored and that can make it boring for them to watch."

The idea is to score each frame individually similar to Ryder Cup scoring in golf.  For instance, if both players rolls a strike, the get half a point.  If one rolls a strike and the other gets 9 pins, the first players is 1 up.  Matches will also be longer with 12 frames instead of 10.

Ultimately the goal will be to increase more interest from the casual fan, create more drama in matches and grab the interest of the Olympic committee.  Read more on the story at USA Today.