In times of tragedy in central New York, neighbors help neighbors, even if they live across the country. Central New Yorkers are teaming up to help Hurricane Michael relief efforts in Florida and you can join them.

Joe Rutkoswki of Mohawk Valley Materials has a home in Mexico Beach, Florida.  "My house suffered minimal damage but I toured the area and saw the devastation," says Joe. "It's way worse than what you see on TV and in pictures. Everything is gone. So I knew I had to help."

Joe made a few calls and help is already on the way. Nirvana donated water and a trucking company donated the trucks to haul it. 2 truck loads are already on their way to Florida, but Joe wants to send more.

That's where Aaron Page and the Bobby Page Memorial Foundation step in, helping cover some of the driving costs. But more funds are needed. $12,000 to be exact. You can help by donating at and get the much needed help to Florida.

This isn't the first time workers at Mohawk Valley Materials have stepped in to help out. They were there after Hurricane Sandy too.

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