Central New Yorker's are reminded of the state ban on open burning. With the recent rains and snow melt, one would think the fire danger would be low. But a rash of recent wildfires has the Department of Environmental Conservation urging residents to be cautious.

Two Sullivan County wildfires last week burnt 2.7acres in the Town of Fallsburgh and 6.9 acres in the Town of Liberty. Other fires were reported in Saratoga, Warren, and Suffolk counties. We even witnessed a backyard fire get out of control while golfing near Clinton yesterday.

Low humidity, high winds and a lack of vegetation add to the fire danger, despite our low temperatures. DEC officials say as temperatures get warmer, the fire danger will increase too. More details on the ban can be found at the DEC's website. Central New Yorker's are reminded of the state ban on open burning continues until May 14.


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