A central New York woman is being hailed a hero after a crash on Interstate 81.

Robin Proctor was on her way to work at Notch 8 Cafe & Bar when she came upon the accident on 81 Friday, July 6th. Without hesitation, Proctor not only checked on everyone involved in the crash to make sure they were ok, she crawled among the twisted metal to stay with the injured, letting them know they weren't alone and help was on the way.

"I could never have just kept driving," says Proctor. "Once I saw the older women my heart stopped and all I could think of was their poor family and I couldn't leave."

"We are proud to have her in our family and are very thankful for her," Notch 8 Cafe shared on Facebook.

Robin is our 'Hometown Hero' and we salute her bravery. If you know someone who deserves recognition for their random act of kindness, email Polly@BigFrog104.com


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