An Oneida vet is warning horse owners after several deaths have been reported in central New York.

After seeing several reports of horse deaths, Oneida Veterinary Associates are urging owners to inspect barns and paddocks for wasp nests before turning horses in. "We have been seeing reports of horse deaths resulting from severe trauma (physical and mental) which required the victims to need humane euthanasia by a Veterinarian; all caused by wasps."

It's uncertain if the recent horse deaths are isolated situations, but the the Oneida Veterinary Associates say "we have recorded 4 incidences of this happening just this month alone."  All the horses were attacked by a nest swarm and were unable to get away or defend themselves. "Victims were in various states of anaphylactic shock and had severe mental distress, which could not be remedied by medications."

Everyone should inspect their barns, paddocks and trailers for any nests before turning horses into these areas.


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