Some people believe there are no coincidences and that things happen for a reason. This is such a story. When a quick storm dropped a large part of a tree onto Route 8 near Cassville, it just so happened a couple of CNY tree crews were travelling that road.

One of the crews at the scene was Vincent Bailey from Bailey's Property Services in Vernon. In our exclusive interview, Vincent says he was on his way to play in a men's soccer league when he arrived at the scene. And if that wasn't odd enough, a neighbor had an end loader to finished off the mess.

Stopping to clean up the debris rather than finding a way around and going about their day qualifies these guys for a tip of the hat from Big Frog and McDonald's. Do you know someone who has done a good deed or random act of kindness? Share your ‘Lovin’ Moment’ and we’ll show you a “Little Lovin’” by putting you into a drawing to win a $50 McDonald’s gift card each month.


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