Presidential candidate Donald Trump is heading to Rome today at 4PM. While he's around, he should make a trip off the campaign trail to try these 5 Central New York things.

1) Try Utica Style Pizza

Jeff Monaski/WIBX

Donald THINKS he knows good pizza from New York. But does he really? He should order Utica pizza from Joes in Whitesboro, or even the classic O'Scugnizzo.


2) Try Utica Club/Saranac/Saranac Soda

Dave Wheeler/TSM

I can imagine drinking a beer before speaking to a large massive crowd must be a great idea right? Well, at least to calm the nerves. The key, not drinking too much. Donald should try Utica's finest: Utica Club, or maybe a nice Saranac craft brew. However, Donald doesn't usually drink booze. Go with a Saranac soda!


3) Buy Some Herkimer Diamonds

Donald likes the finer things in life. He should buy some Herkimer diamonds! The best part, they tend to be cheaper than actual diamonds and they are local. He could save a HUGGGGGEEEEE amount of money.


4) Eat Meatloaf From Vescios/Franklin In Rome

Paul Cowan/ThinkStock/TSM

In recent interviews, Donald has explained he loves eating meatloaf. Why not sample some delicious meatloaf from local restaurants? We have plenty of meatloaf options, and even some close to where hes speaking.


5) Grab A Cherry-Vanilla Ice cream From Nicky Doodles

altrendo images/ThinkStock/TSM

Trump loves ice cream. Who doesn't right? While he's in Rome, he should take a trip to Nicky Doodles. Who doesn't love cherry and vanilla? He could combine this with a Saranac Rootbeer and have a great float.


What Should We Add To Our List?

What else should we add to the list? Let us know by commenting below.



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