The first snowfall of the season in central New York is a big one. Big enough to make national news. The 2 straight days of snow, hundreds of accidents and flight delays made ABC News.

Some areas of central New York were buried in up to 3 feet of snow and Interstate 81 was a whiteout, causing several accidents. "We have a lot of accidents until people learn to slow down because they forget their winter driving skills," Cortland Fire Chief Charles Glover tells ABC News.

We may be hardy central New Yorkers, use to Winter weather, but one out shoveling tells ABC News, "we may be use to it but it's still a lot of snow."

Just take a look at the roads in West Winfield.

Timothy Schorer
Timothy Schorer

ABC Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee travelled to Syracuse for a live report and even took time for a little fun in the snow.

The storm last longer than expected and dumped more snow in some areas than anticipated, caused over 450 flight delays at JFK and closed most CNY schools. Luckily Mother Nature is giving us a break from the winter weather, for now. We may see freezing rain to start Thanksgiving.

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