Did you take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather Saturday to get your lawn furniture put up before the snow storm hit Sunday or is the pool still open like it is at Brad Strebing's house in Westmoreland?

The amount of snow you'll be shoveling out from under depends on where you're living in Central New York. Some areas saw only a few inches while others are seeing feet like Mark Chamberlain in Camden who has 4 feet on his back deck.

Just make sure you're prepared unlike Darryll Combs in Rome who discovered he didn't have a snow brush to clean off his car.

Darryll Combs
Darryll Combs

Send your snow pictures to Polly@BigFrog104.com and let us know where you're from.

It could be worse. Remember 2 years ago when the Thruway was shut down because of the massive amount of snow that fell in Buffalo?

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