Are you having trouble sleeping? Maybe it's your diet. Some foods can keep you up, while other foods will help you sleep. Here's the Central New York foods that will help you get a good night of rest.

Recent studies by UCLA and Florida State University have researched different snacks that help you get more sleep. Here's what they suggest:


Sunflower Seeds From Hughes Farms

A handful of seeds provide the essential amino acid that helps create melatonin. This helps give you that sleepy feeling. LocalHarvest reports Hughes Farms in Deansboro has sunflower seeds available for purchase.


Pistachios From Chanatry's

Pistachios are high in B6. According to the NY Post, Vitamin B6, which is essential in melatonin and serotonin production.

The latter is a brain chemical that’s integral to regulating the sleep-wake cycle."

You can buy these snacks from Chanatry's in Utica.


Red Wine From Seneca Wine And Liquors

Red wine can contain high levels of melatonin. However, too much red wine can back fire on you. You can buy a big bottle at Seneca Wine and Liquors, or Valley Wine and Liquors.



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