My prayers have been answered. Cinnabon has finally come to central New York. The store opened in Destiny USA Monday.

This is the first Cinnabon in central New York in a long time. When I first moved to central New York I was shocked to find NO Cinnabon anywhere. There were a few in the area years ago but they've been long gone. I use to enjoy those gooey, sweet cinnamon rolls at least once a week when I lived in Ohio and have been going through withdrawls for almost ten years. Withdrawls no more.

The Cinnabon store is on the first floor at Destiny USA, next to Old Navy. You can enjoy those classic rolls, caramel pecan rolls, mini rolls, cinnamom sticks and beverages including coffee and chillattas. You can even take Cinnabon home with Cinnapacks in boxes of 4 or 6 rolls. But you may have to wait. The line on opening day was long.



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