Want to try the best donuts you'll ever eat in your life? Take a trip to Dunn's Baker in Canastota where they have been serving to die for donuts for 5 generations.

Tad and I were introduced to the bakery when we were at Granny Anne's for Farm Hands. The Merriman family kept saying they had the best donuts and we needed to try them. I was afraid the taste wouldn't live up to the hype, but OH MY GAWD! My mouth has never tasted a donut so fresh and fantastic.


Dunn's Bakery is family operated for 5 generations. It first opening in 1892 in Oneida as Seitz Bakery and moved to Canastota in 1966. The secret to incredibly fresh donuts isn't in the recipe, it's in the baker Tom Dunn. "We've had others try to make the same donuts with the same recipe, but they don't taste the same," explained Karen Dunn Seelman.


We took home a dozen donuts and a loaf of fresh bread that lasted about as long as the donuts; less than a day.

Dunn's Bakery serves more than fantastic donuts. I'm told they have to die for pizza too and a slice only costs you 75 cents. You can also enjoy tomato pie, breakfast pizza, halfmoons, rolls and bread.


Don't just take our word for how great Dunn's Bakery on Peterboro Street in Canastota is. Check out all the 5 star reviews on Facebook.