The long-awaited, much talked-about 2016 presidential election has arrived. Tuesday (Nov. 8) marks Election Day for those residing in the United States, which includes most country stars.

While many artists have spoken out for and against both presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, several just want to share the importance of voting, regardless the side you're on. On Twitter, Cassadee Pope warns fans: “If you want a certain outcome, don’t cross your fingers for it. Use those babies and go vote!”

Meanwhile, Lee Greenwood says he is praying for our nation. "On this eve, I pray for those who will lead our great nation in the next four years! May God heal our land!" he writes.

Charlie Daniels adds that he is also praying for our country. "I have prayed. I have voted," he says.

“The world is definitely watching,” John Paul White, formerly of the Civil Wars, reminded fans on Twitter.

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