The Oneida County Sheriff's Office has 46 openings for correctional officers — and each one is an opportunity to start a solid, rewarding career.

Correctional officers have the opportunity to help people and serve their community every day with duty and honor. The starting salary range is $35,332 to $41,567, and there are opportunities for advancement. Plus, correctional officers receive full benefits and earn a full pension after 25 years of service.

If you're wondering if the job is right for you, the American Jail Association shares stories of why dozens of corrections officers, many now in leadership roles, decided to build their careers there. Some were looking for stable work to support a family; some wanted to escape seasonal jobs that required them to work outdoors. Others saw it as a stepping stone to working in other areas of law enforcement.

But the common thread is the rewards and sense of purpose they have as a correctional officer. "Correctional work is about people, not punishment," John W. Johnson Sr. said, according to the American Jail Association website. "As a correctional professional, you have the unique ability to help people, who are in many cases unable to help themselves"

In Oneida County, the Sheriff's Office has a two-step application process. First, you must turn in your application by Dec. 13 and then, you must take an exam on Feb. 1. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and a valid New York State driver’s license. Click here for information on the application and testing process, as well as other eligibility requirements.