A Central New York Santa is giving away Christmas trees to families in need for the holidays.

Mark Mongomery, of Joseph's Experience, is handing out free Christmas trees to families in need this Christmas, with priority given to those impacted by cancer or leukemia. Joseph's Experience is a non-profit dedicated to "enhancing the quality of life of children, adults, and their families who are affected by severe medical conditions such as Cancer & Leukemia."

Mark says there is one condition, though. "The only hook is that recipients must come to camp in the spring and plant a tree in honor of someone. An altruistic green project!"

Mark's Facebook post has gone viral, with over 3,000 shares, and responses from people all over the United States. Mark says several people have volunteered to simply come and plant additional trees, "We're going to have a huge planting event in the spring."

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Credit: Mark Montgomery
Credit: Mark Montgomery

Mark says he's amazed by the huge response he received on Facebook. "I was hoping to do about 50 trees. Because I have some great community partners, I have access to some more trees."

If you're interested in receiving a tree, you can reach Mark on Facebook, or at the Joseph's Experience website.

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