If you're someone who loves a good challenge, and you love food: combine the two are I'm sure you're a happy person. You've gotta check out the latest food challenge to hit the Utica/Rome area.

Laufer's Pub, located at 157 Whitesboro Street in Yorkville, added something new to their menu for $35. It's called "LP's Governor Burger Challenge" and how exactly do they describe it? "Just full of sh*t."

Here's what you'll be asked to take down if you decide to take on the challenge. They posted it on their Facebook page to introduce it to their customers:

Two patties, cheese, onion rings, mozz sticks, bacon, fried pickles & mom’s deep fried mac & cheese, LTO served with 10 oz tots & 10 oz fries & 32 oz of either domestic beer or soda.

If you can get through it all in 35 minutes or less, not only will you win a free t-shirt, but you'll also get your picture on the wall inside Laufer's Pub and a very special recognition post on their Facebook page.

Think you can do this challenge in the given period of time? That is a LOT of food. Take it down at Laufer's Pub, they're open on Wednesday and Thursday from 4 to 11PM and Friday/Saturday from 4PM to 2AM.

Think you can do it in the given period of time? That is a LOT of food.

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