A local production company is looking for hockey players to be in a Hollywood movie that's shooting in the Utica area.

You know how in The Mighty Ducks and Slapshot there are a ton of hockey players on other teams and in the background? Well you now have the chance to be one of those background skaters, and possibly even a bigger role in another hockey movie.

Slater Brothers Entertainment is looking for multiple hockey players, including some for principal cast members as well as extras for an upcoming movie.

Actors who can skate and handle a puck are invited to an open casting call on Thursday, Dec. 20, from 10-11 p.m. at Clinton Arena.

All interested candidates should bring a photo, ice skates and hockey gear.

For more information, contact Annie Delano at Annie.Delano.Casting@gmail.com.

"Come audition, meet the director and producers, and show off your moves on the ice!" the invitation says.

The name of the movie and the release date have not yet been announced, but if you make the cut you'll be able to tell us!

They will also be holding auditions for non-hockey roles at a later date, and we hope to bring you that info as soon as we get it.


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