We all know that Punxsutawney Phil is the most popular groundhog on the face of the planet. If you're still in the Groundhogs Day spirit later today, consider making some ground hog for dinner. Here's the top places to buy ground hog in the Utica, Rome area.


1) Smith Packing located at 105-125 Washington Street in Utica

Smith Packing Company has been handling fresh and frozen meats forever. They have been committed to quality since 1911. They would be a great spot for you to check out for meat.


2) Dino’s Sausage & Meat located at 722 Catherine Street in Utica

At Dino’s you’ll find great meats for a great price. Generally their sausage is a major seller, but you’ll find other great meats too.


3) Hapanowicz Bros Meat Market located at 19 Clinton Street in New York Mills

Hapanowicz has been a local favorite for over 95 years. Stop in and enjoy some kielbasa, along with a wide selection of meats.


4) Roma Sausage & Deli located at 2029 Bleecker Street in Utica

Roma’s is well known for their tomato pie, but there is nothing better than a Mortadella, Sopressata, and Hot Capicola sandwich on their fresh made Italian bread.


5) Mazzaferro Meats & Deli located at 7824 Ridge Mills Road in Rome

At Mazzaferro’s, you’ll find a variety of great meats and lunch specials. You’ll also find a variety of catering options for all of your family parties.



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