Did you know that the most famous weatherman in the world isn't a actually a human being? It has to be Punxsutawney Phil. Each year on Groundhogs Day the world looks to Phil to see if winter will continue. He isn't the only one you should be mad about.

Across the country. and the world, there are several groundhogs that call themselves weathermen. Here's a few you may have never heard of

1) Buckeye Chuck

You guessed it, he's a native of Ohio! Buckeye Chuck began predicting the arrival of spring in the 1970s. He is one of two groundhogs in Ohio known for predicting the arrival of spring on Groundhog Day. Back in 1979, the Ohio General Assembly declared Buckeye Chuck the official State Groundhog.


2) General Beauregard Lee

General Beauregard Lee resides at the Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn, Georgia. He has been predicting early springs or late winters for many years and has a 94% accuracy rate.


3) Staten Island Chuck

Staten Island Chuck  is New York City's official groundhog meteorologist who resides in the Staten Island Zoo in Staten Island.


4) Wiarton Willie

Wiarton Willie is another famous groundhog from Canada. Every February 2nd, Willie takes part in the local Wiarton Willie Festival.




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