If you're looking to signup for a long-term restoration project, look no further than Facebook Marketplace. Currently, you can buy 2 firetrucks in the Utica Area. One of which is a 1942 Mack Model 25 Type 125 Crash Truck.

This fire truck caught our eye, and maybe you'd like to own a rare truck. The seller explains that under a government contract, Mack only made 200 trucks for WWII. These trucks were assembled at Mack's Long Island City plant from July 1942 thru April 1943.This truck is #65 of 200 made.

It was used in WWII and then used as a Fire Truck in Otter Lake, NY. From the factory it was painted Military Green (see finished example below) with NO chrome or Mack emblems.

The truck has a Mack 6-cyl. gas engine with a 4 speed and 2 speed rear end.

We have not tried to start or turn over the truck. It appears very complete and will need a complete restoration.

Currently the asking price is $4,300 or Best Offer. You can check out some of the photos below, and more on Facebook:

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Utica Fire Truck For Sale


Mack During World War 2

During the 1940's, Mack built heavy-duty trucks to support the Allied forces. Mack trucks served the Allied forces 35,000 strong in that second conflict, in the form of prime movers, personnel carriers, wrecker trucks, tank transporters, and more.

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