Two-and-a-half year old twins, Emmett and Harper, of Whitesboro were in the Rome area on Wednesday morning with their mom, Kelly. Although they live in Whitesboro now, Kelly's parents still live in Rome and it's where she still considers 'home' to be.

It's been a beautiful week in the Mohawk Valley, so they decided to take advantage of the cool morning and head over to Franklyn's Field on North James Street to play. They were the only ones at the playground that just opened back up.

As they were playing, Emmett and Harper noticed a police car drive by, driven by Rome PD Officer Medlin.

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"We saw Officer Medlin drive by and of course the twins are crazy over police cars so they waved," said Kelly. "He waved back which was very exciting in itself."

Little did they know Officer Medlin would pay them a visit to reward them for their behavior.

"About 20 minutes later I saw him park his car in front of mine. I initially thought I was going to be told the playground wasn't open yet. He came over and said he noticed how well the twins were playing and said he would like to give them a Good Citizen ticket. They were so excited and added bonus for them, they get to take it to either Rome Dunkin Donuts location to get themselves a free donut."

Kelly said Officer Medlin asked if the twins were having fun, and if they were excited that the playground was open again before getting back in his car, and of course flashing the siren lights.

"He made their day.  Awesome work by the Rome PD.  I think we need positive stories these days. Especially about our Law Enforcement Officers."

Last week, Gov. Cuomo said it will be up to local governments to decide if and when public pools and playgrounds can open for the summer.

Kudos to Officer Medlin and the Rome PD for giving the kids, and us, something to smile about.

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