He's known as the "Bubble Man of Allentown," and after more than 25 years, he's getting national recognition for being a light in his community.

Dozens of Buffalonians on TikTok recently shared the story of a man who lives in the Buffalo neighborhood of Allentown. Perched three stories above the Allen Street and Elmwood Avenue intersection, the Bubble Man opens his window and blows bubbles, which, on a calm day, float down and fill the intersection.

After one TikTok user posted a video of the famous bubbles flowing from the man's open window, other users began commenting their memories, many dating back more than 20 years.

"I'm from Buffalo, born and raised, and he has been doing this for as long as I can remember," @ashleylh86 wrote. "So many awesome memories of this."

"A memory of mine: I started dating my gf 3 years ago, we went to buffalo pride, came to this street for sandwiches, & danced in the bubbles, best day," @cashewcream wrote.

"He was such a huge part of my childhood I was thinking about getting a tattoo of the intersection full of bubbles," @flora_gus wrote.

If you search the street on Google Maps, you can even see the Bubble Man's famous fan in the window of his apartment!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Even in a year that has been so tough on everyone, the Bubble Man of Allentown has continued his legacy of spreading happiness, awe and pure joy in his community. And at an intersection lined with rainbow crosswalks and colorful shops, it's hard to think of a better place to do just that.

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