Several jujitsu students from Utica just won big at a competition out near Albany.

The 2022 Jason Morris Judo Championships in Burnt Hills, near Albany, took place on Sunday October 9th. People from all over the world came to compete including competitors from Canada, Ukraine, Germany, France, Columbia and more. Nine members of Brown's Judo of Utica went with Sensei Brown, and made our area very proud.

The adults go by weight class, the children go by age. Here's a look at our local winners:

1) Katelyn Jodon won bronze for girls age 7.
2) Emma Preston fought girls age 12.
3) Joseph Preston II fought boys age 11.
4) Joseph Preston won silver in Men's Elite 100+kg.
5) Nick Santalucia won gold in both Men's 100+kg and 100-kg.
6) Christian Rodriguez won Silver in Men's 71kg.
7) Edgar Beltran fought Men's 71kg and Men's 68kg.
8) Elliott Clark fought Men's 71kg.
9) Noriko Chicherchia won silver in Women's Open.
10) Noriko and Elliott won gold in the Nage No Kata (a duo performance of skill and technique).

Out of 58 schools in the competition, Brown's Judo ranked 12th. What an amazing accomplishment to these students.

"I am so proud of everyone for going out there and doing their best." Sensei Brown after the competition to his club.

For those that don't know, Daniel Brown Sr is 84 years old, a 5th degree black belt. He was trained in Japan, and has been teaching martial arts for over 40 years. He runs Brown's School of Judo, Jujitsu and Grappling located on Lenox Ave in Utica. He has trained 100s of students of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities.

"Walking through those doors was the best decision I've ever made." Joseph Preston about starting Judo.

Any one can walk into the dojo and learn for free. All he asks is that you try your best. He does accept donations and anyone can walk in an learn. Kids class (age 5 and up) are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 5PM - 6PM, and the adult class is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6PM - 7PM.

Nick handed Sensei his metals after and said "These are for you. I was thinking of you the whole time on the mat."

These winners had amazing things to say about the competition:

"No matter what happened I'm a winner because I had fun." Katelyn Jodon age 7.

"I tried hard and I had fun." Joey Preston age 11.

"This was my first tournament. I'm going to do even better next year." Emma Preston age 12.

A big congrats to these local winners! Thanks for making us all proud.

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