Maybe this shouldn't come as a surprise, but 20% of Americans can't change a flat tire. Even more surprising is this fact, many new cars don't come with a spare. Say what?

According to AAA, 28% of 2017 model cars don't come with a spare as standard equipment. Not even so much as the famed "donut" spare that was good for only 30 or so miles. In lieu of the spare, some of today's vehicles come with a tire-inflater kit, similar to the fix-a-flat can.

In the last year, AAA says they answered calls from nearly half a million customers with a flat tire that didn't have a spare. That means a tow to a nearby shop and the purchase of a tire. Imagine what happens if it's late at night or a weekend.

The first common sense thing to do is check your vehicle for a spare. I honestly don't know if there is one under the golf clubs and tent in our ride or not. Other tips from AAA include checking your owner's manual for instructions on your spare tire, jack and if there's a tire-inflator kit, how to use it.  AAA's website has a list of 2017 models and their spare tire availability.


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