"The most beautiful love story ever told" is in town.  The Broadway Theater League of Utica is presenting "Disney's Beauty and the Beast at the Stanley Center for the Arts. The theater leagues director,  John Fehlner and the actress, Julia, who plays Mrs. Potts in the show, were on our sister station, WIBX's 1st Look Program this morning talking about the show and the Books for Belle program.

Check out this video clip from the show.

Big Frog 104's Vicky White took in the show last night and offers this review.

Walking into the theater you noticed many little girls dressed up as Belle with big smiles on their faces and the amount of people there to see the show. I’ve been to several shows there this year and this one seemed like a full house. The show was AMAZING! The cast was phenomenal! The actress that played Belle almost sounded like the character in the Disney movie. The singing and the dancing was very enjoyable. One of my favorite scenes was for “Be Our Guest”. The choreography, lights, costumes, and audience surprise was great for “Be Our Guest”! There were several songs that you wouldn’t recognize because they weren’t in the Disney movie, but these songs just added to the show. The costumes were true to the movie especially Gaston’s with his red shirt and yellow collar. Belle’s dress for her dance with the Beast is just as pretty as it is in the movie. The character’s lived up to the ones in the movie and were just as comical if not more. The show is playing tonight and tomorrow and I highly recommend seeing it whether you have kids or not.

There are only two shows remaining, tonight at 7:30 and tomorrow night at 7.  You can purchase tickets here or call 315-724-4000.

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