Have you ever seen a "Blessing Box?" It's a great idea where you can help those in need, or if you're in need you can get some help.

When you're down on your luck or money is a little tight, the smallest thing can make a huge impact. If you can get a can of soup, a jar of peanut butter, or anything to help you get to that next paycheck, it may be just what you need. And thanks to a box outside of a Bridgewater store, that's possible. It's called a "Blessing Box."

It's also there for those who can give back. If you bought some chicken noodle soup your kids just won't touch, you can leave it in the box for someone less fortunate. Or you can drop off crackers, rice, pasta, or any other snacks and treats.

Darla of Frankfort said this box is outside her sister and brother-in-law's store. "They loved this idea and were very excited to help someone in need. If I know them, it will always be as full as their hearts."

What a fantastic idea. It's a wonderful way to help those in need and for those who have a little extra, to give back. We want to thank Darla for sharing this story with us, and we want to thank Darla's sister and brother-in-law for having this outside of their business.

Gestures like this remind us there is still kindness in the world. How great would it be to see a "Blessing Box" trend, with all these boxes popping up outside of businesses all across Central New York?!

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