Ready for Lifetime to start their annual tradition for Christmas? A bunch of new movies will be on this year, one of them stars Reba McIntyre, and it was written in Central New York.

With only a few more days until Lifetime goes full Christmas for the holiday season, you'll have to make sure you're plenty stocked on popcorn. Unlike previous years, the popular holiday season channel hasn't started up with the specials but will be on November 12th. You'll have to wait a few more weeks to see country music's favorite redhead on the screen though.

Come November 26th at 8 pm, you'll get to see the premiere of a movie called "Christmas in Tune". This movie stars Reba McIntyre and John Schnieder. Below is Reba talking about the film where she and Schnieder are a singing duo.

“The lady is more of the singer, but the man is more the writer, but they make a good duo. And so, things went a little south and they have a beautiful daughter and things went south so they went their separate ways, and the daughter gets them back together for a military benefit at Christmas. And of course, neither one could turn her down.” - Reba McIntyre/UMG Nashville

According to, the entire story was actually written by a couple right here in Central New York. Juliet and Keith Giglio are from Manilus and have quite an extensive amount of experience writing movies including some work with Disney. This time they were tapped for Reba McIntyre's "Christmas in Tune".

Both teach their skill locally too, Keith at Syracuse and Juliet at SUNY Oswego.

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