It's your wedding day.  You're in your wedding dress, looking beautiful.  What could possibly make your big day more perfect?  Brad Pitt!  Abi and Daniel Lingwood ran into the star at the bar in England, who was in town for his new film 'Fury.'  He was nice enough to take pictures with the happy couple but left shortly after being spotted.



Brad Pitt isn't the only star to crash a wedding. Steven Tyler popped up at a British wedding.

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson crashed this super fan's wedding at a Field & Stream store in Pennsylvania.

John Travolta didn't just happen across this couple's wedding. He met them the night before. They invited him to their big day and wouldn't you know he showed!


Source: OMG Yahoo!


Groom Can't Stop Laughing at Wedding [VIDEO]

We've all had a case of the giggles at one time or another, and it's usually at the most inappropriate times. This groom couldn't stop laughing at the altar after his best man lost his pants. I'm surprised they made it through the ceremony. The bride deserves kudos for keeping her cool.