Benjamin Smith and Marcus Ellis are best friends who wanted to bring unity to their neighborhood in Rochester after seeing the protests across the country. Their message has gone viral, even grabbing the attention of Brad Paisley.

The men set up signs at the end of their driveway - Black or White. Relax and have a beer. So Paisley did just that, on Zoom. "I'm so inspired by you," he told the men. "We thought we should deliver more beer than you could possibly drink."

Cases of Budweiser were delivered earlier in the day for when people stopped by to just have a beer. "This is going to be a popular destination on this street," said Paisley.

The recent George Floyd protests and riots affected the friends who wanted to spread kindness instead of hate. "I kinda felt like I was being torn apart and it was rough," Smith told WROC.

"I'm trying to learn and listen to my friends in the black community and I'm all ears," said Paisley. "Always have been. Had big ears my whole life."

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Paisley even entertained the crowd gathered in the driveway with his latest single 'No I in Beer' before telling Smith and Ellis, "Thanks for leading in this time. Send me pictures in the morning when you're asleep in the driveway."

You can watch the full Zoom call with Paisley, Smith and Ellis below.

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