It was a low blow... but at least we can all laugh it off.

A majority of Upstate New York, specifically Buffalo and Watertown, got buried in snow this past week thanks to the first major snow storm of the season. With the non-stop coverage of all the snow in Western New York, one Meteorologist in Florida decided to bring some attention back to his own state.

Yes Paul... we see you! And we're just a little bit jealous.

While all of us in Upstate New York are breaking out our shovels just to get out of the house, Paul is stubbing his toe on the perfectly clear sidewalk. It's something many of us are used to, Floridians bragging about no snow in the winter, but at least we don't have to deal with their unbearably hot summers.

Even with all the snow we got over the weekend, it could always be worse... right? Take being in Alaska for example.

Friday was the last day many Alaskans will even see the sun for two months. It's one thing to deal with all this snow, but the lack of daylight would make it even worse. We complain about it being dark by 5:30pm... just imagine being up there.

But to be fair, that's the price of living in Alaska. You get what you moved up there for. Beautiful and picturesque summer months, mixed with an unbelievably cold and dark winter. You win some, and lose a lot (of daylight that is).

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