There's still good people in the world. Especially right here in Central New York. One man from Boonville just had a random act of kindness held for him that he's extremely grateful. 

Marc Charbonneau from Boonville, who currently serves in the U.S. Army, was off to buy breakfast at a local gas station on his way to a drill. While there, a father and son behind him decided to pay it forward and thank Marc for his service by buying breakfast:

There was a father and a son standing behind me before I could pay for my food the boy behind me walked up and gave the cashier $20 bill and said "we will pay for his food", he said his brother is in the army also and said he wants to be a sniper when he gets old enough to join and thanked me for my service. I got in my truck and had to sit there for a second and think about it, it is an amazing thing to see a father raise his son to have respect like that and to be proud of our military in today's generation, I love it."

We can't thank Marc, and so many others as well, for their service to our country. It's nice that this father and son did this for Marc.